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**NEW** 72ft Wild Thing Two Lane Obstacle Course - UNITS #409+410+324


  • Set Up Area: Setup area: 80ft L x 22ft W x 19ft H
  • Outlets: Three - 15amp outlets OR Two - 20amp outlet
  • Age Group: All Ages
  • Water Hose Needed: 1
Please call 813-996-2935 to reserve this item. It is currently getting serviced but it might be ready by your event date.

72ft of the MOST UNIQUE Obstacle course around!


We took the Wipeout Obstacle course and added The Leap Of Faith AIR BAG JUMP to the end!

Here's what you get...The Wipeout Balance Balls Two Lane Obstacle Course is just like the show Wipeout! This obstacle course is 70ft feet of WAY COOL FUN. Race, jump and balance from ramp platform to the top of the ball from one end to the other! We then take it to the next level and add the Leap Of Faith Zero Shock airbag jump to the end! This version is called the 70ft Wild Thing Obstacle Course!
 This Bounce A Lot Inflatables obstacle course is an ALL AGES inflatable. If you have an active party then obstacle courses should be your inflatable of choice. The two lane design will allow you to get more people through the unit and is perfect for your larger home, church, or school event for both boys and girls. This design can easily put over 200 people an hour through it.

This obstacle course offers great open sight lines and the netting is clear and easy to see through. You will have great views of the kids playing inside and be able to easily keep a close eye on them. The slides on our obstacle courses, on both wet and dry units, will have extended landing areas or landing pools. This will keep your kids safe when coming down the slides. All obstacle courses are enclosed with high sides or mesh for safety. This will keep people going through the course, stay ON the course, and safe from falling out. Our inflatables are always cleaned and sanitized after every rental. Your kids will play in a unit you can be assured is up to your standard of clean. This cleaning standard will also keep the colors on the inflatable bright. This will make your event come alive once we set up the inflatable. Our inflatable will be the highlight of your party and the highlight of your kids day. This unit features large areas that will provide plenty of room for your kids to jump, tumble, laugh, and play with all their friends.

This inflatable is for ALL AGES but **NO TODDLERS** -  MINIMUM space needed will be 80ft long x 22ft wide x 19ft tall. You will need THREE 15amp outlets or TWO 20amp outlet WITHIN 100ft OF UNIT.

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 Start by climbing up the narrow cliff stairs to the top of the cliff. Look down at the red bull's-eye that shows you exactly where to jump into the super-soft ZERO SHOCK™ landing bag. The patented ZERO SHOCK™ landing system is based on a series of vertical pillar-shaped inflated fingers, which act like huge shock absorbers. When grouped together in a landing area they create a soft cushioning effect similar to jumping into water. 
The top surface sheet of the air bag merely 'floats' on top of a series of cylindrical tubes or 'fingers'. When a body lands or indents the top surface sheet, only a small amount of air within the pillars/tubes immediately expels into the base bag below when making impact. This principle is exactly how a shock absorber on your car reacts and the indentation is immediate. This means that protruding limbs are indented into the surface of the bag far more efficiently and safely, thus creating for the first time ever, an air bag that allows you to stay stuck where you land and not bounce or fall out. 

More than one person can land on the bag at the same time with almost no effect in the quality of the landing and no tendency for one person to bounce the other one off of the bag. Depending on the height of the fall, they can be as close as 24" apart and still be safe. 

Zero Shock™ air bags reset instantly! Only a small amount of air is expelled through the 'fingers' directly underneath the impacting body so the system resets itself even before the person has climbed off of the bag. This means another body can land on the bag while the first body is still on it. 

Not only are ZS air bags softer to land on, you can also land anywhere on the bag, right up to the very edge without being bounced off. Our patented design allows for a body to 'crush' the fingers upon impact, which forms around the body to cradle the impact.