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Snowy 30ft Single Lane Slip n Dip w/POOL - UNIT #535

Snowy 30ft Single Lane Slip n Dip w/POOL - UNIT #535

    • Setup Area: 18ft W x 45ft L x 12ft H
    • Outlets: 1 - 15amp outlet
    • Age Group: All Ages
    • Water Hose Needed?: Yes

    • $237.00
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 Run - Dive - Slide - SPLASH DOWN!


A Slip n Dip is a slip n slide with a POOL at the end so you splash down at the end of the ride. The Bounce A Lot Inflatables 30ft Snowy themed Slip n Dip is a bit of frosty fun for the Florida heat. This arctic themed slip n dip has a wide single lane which allows you to dive, twist, and spin all the way down to the pool. All of our Slip N Slides have hoses that spray water ALL THE WAY down the length of the slide to proved the coolest, fastest slip n slide ride! The neutral theme of this ALL AGES slip n slide makes it perfect for any summer time event at your home, church, school, or company party for everyone. If you want an extra safe slip n slide that is plenty fast for the kids (AND ADULTS) and won't break the bank then this Slip n Dip style water slide is for you! These units are simple, economical, and will allow you to meet your budget needs and still get a nice fun slide that usually fits in most yards for home events.  

Bounce A Lot Inflatables has equipment that meets the highest safety standards. An air filled Slip n Dip provides cushion so riding it isn't like the old "plastic on the ground" method! You won't have any more bruised knees and sore hips from sliding. The slide lanes have high sides which will prevents sliders from coming off the side of the inflatable while going down the slide. All of our inflatables have multiple reinforced anchor points on the sides and bottom which is especially important when an inflatable slide gets larger so it can be properly secured to the ground. This will prevent a unit from shifting or tipping over while in use. Units like this slide are also equipped with outrigger safety ropes to keep the unit secure and reduce sway and rocking while in use. Our inflatables are always cleaned and sanitized after every rental so you and your kids will play in a unit you can be assured is up to your standard of clean. This cleaning standard will also keep the colors on the inflatable slide bright which will make your event come alive once we set up the inflatable. Our inflatable will be the highlight of your party and the highlight of your kids day.
This is an ALL AGES water slideYou MUST have a water hose that will reach from a water source to the slide set up area to attach to the unit. (We do NOT provide water hoses). MINIMUM space needed for this unit will be 18ft wide x 45ft long x 12ft tall. (you should have 45ft long to get a good RUN!) You will need ONE 15amp outlet WITHIN 100ft OF THE SLIDE.
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