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*NEW* Two Lane Zip Line - UNIT #322

*NEW* Two Lane Zip Line - UNIT #322

    • Setup Area: 55ft L x 25ft W x 17ft H
    • Outlets: Two - 15amp outlets OR one - 20amp outlet
    • Age Group: All Ages
    • Water Hose Needed?: No

    • $767.00
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Ready for a FLY BY??

Time for some EXTREME FUN. The Bounce A Lot Inlfatables Two Lane Zip Line is a huge attraction at parties and events. Two Zip Line run from end to end of the unit. The two lane design will allow you to get more kids through the ride at events. People can ride down on the "T" hangle or seated on the pacced disc. This Zip Line is perfect for your larger home, church, or school event for both boys and girls. You can easily get 60+ people per hour through a two lane Zip Line like this. This is an ALL AGES unit. (NO TODDLERS)

This Two Lane Zip Line offers great open sight lines and the netting is clear and easy for you to see through. You will have great views of the people playing inside and be able to easily keep a close eye on them. This Zip Line is padded all the way around the riders. There is padding under the lines, on the sides, and at each end for safety. This will keep your riders safe when coming down the Zip Line. This inflatable is completely enclosed with high sides and mesh for safety. This will keep people going down the lines safe from falling out and also keep others off the course while there are riders on the lines. Our inflatables are always cleaned and sanitized after every rental. Your kids will play in a unit you can be assured is up to your standard of clean. This cleaning standard will also keep the colors on the inflatable bright. This will make your event come alive once we set up the inflatable. Our inflatable will be the highlight of your party and the highlight of your kids day. This unit features large areas that will provide plenty of room for your kids to jump, tumble, laugh, and play with all their friends.

This inflatable is for ALL AGES. (NO TODDLERS) - MINIMUM space needed will be 55ft long x 25ft wide x 17ft tall. You will need TWO 15amp outlets or ONE 20amp outlet WITHIN 100ft OF UNIT.

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